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Function Description:
      Users can query and control the device by SMS, DTMF and GPRS with their cell phones. The default operation password of the system is 8888#.
Users can change the new password to ensure security. The operation password should be entered before each SMS and DTMF command.
1. Vehicle positioning
  A. APP map query
  B. Computer platform map query
  C. SMS address inquiry
  D. Base station positioning
  E. Google link positioning
2. Remote real-time alarm notification (alarm contact must be set first)
  A. Vibration alarm
  B. Electronic fence alarm
  C. Power failure alarm
  D. Battery backup low battery alarm
  E. Maintenance reminder
  F. Over-speed alarm
  G. SOS emergency alarm
3. Remote fuel line control
4. remote monitoring
5. Setting and inquiry
  A. Set the contact person
  B. Change operation password
  C. Common command query
  D. Querying equipment parameters
  E. Restore factory settings
APP has two versions for Android and IOS system.
Users can easily achieve remote monitoring and management control of the vehicle through APP.
Product Specification:
Item Specification
GSM band Quad-band 850/900/800/1900MHZ
GPS Sensitivity:-162dbm A GPS:Support
GPS positioning time Cold start: 29 seconds; Hot (auxiliary start): 1 second
Lithium battery 250mAh
Voltage range 9V-55V
Power consumption Sleeping: 10mA Working: 30mA
Operating ambient temperature -30-70℃
External dimensions 82x50x25mm
Weight 60g