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Vehicle Player is a high-tech manufacturer, established in 2008, with the stock code 891359 and medical registration number 20200118. It is known for its European and American brand "IPSKRE". We have our own industrial manufacturing plant and have been successful in the past and will continue to be successful in the future. We have made significant contributions not only in the electronics and electrical appliance fields but also in the healthcare and medical industry. Our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest international standards and meet the requirements of different markets.

Our Vehicle Player sub-brand is renowned for its excellent quality and offers products in the racing and high-end categories. As an independent brand, we focus on providing high-end products, including the following series:

RACING MX PANTS ANDJERSEY: Our flagship product, which combines advanced technology and innovative design to provide customers with outstanding performance and luxury experience.

MOTO GPS ALARM SYSTEM: This product is known for its exceptional performance and excellent handling, designed for customers who seek driving pleasure.

RACING MX BOOT: Our product is specifically designed for customers who value luxury and comfort, incorporating both luxury and advanced technology.

Our company adheres to the principle of integrity in business and the core values of "honesty and sincerity." With the mission of "empowering customers," we provide customers with vertically customized products and solutions.

We have established partnerships with factories in various categories and provide customers with high-quality products through a low-cost sourcing platform without the need to leave their own country. We maintain good relationships with many excellent resources in the market. Each month, we are capable of delivering millions of products in various categories on time.

In addition, we have a strong R&D team dedicated to researching and designing new popular products. Furthermore, we have implemented strict quality control systems, customer service systems, order tracking systems, on-time delivery systems, logistics systems, and supply chain management systems.

We always strive to maintain the highest safety standards and deliver quality products. By continuously improving efficiency and promoting thriftiness, we are able to pass on cost savings and value to our customers. To date, our products are sold in 77 countries and regions. All our esteemed clients can receive professional sales services from Vehicle Player.